Embroidery and Sewing


List Price: $1,299.99

Price: $409.99

You Save: $890.00 (68%)

  • Stitch Width Adjustment; keep seams strong and prevent bunching on any type of fabric

  • Easy Threading Diagram; easy threading saves time

  • 1300 Stitches Per Minute-professional speed for faster results

  • Art and Craft Supply (Singer)

Sergemate 5030 Companion Serger? Thoughts, reviews?

I am quite sewing, and I found a companion Serge Sergemate 5030 on Craigslist. A serger would be a great item to add to my collection, but I've never heard of this machine, and have not been able to find information about it.

I would stay away from this machine. I have a serger, embroidery machine and regular sewing machine. i also use the Internet much in my sewing. I did some research with some deal with business and i really can not find info on the machine.